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7 Helpful Articles about PDF/A-3

You may have heard our exciting news…. we now have PDF/A-3 in production environments for DocOrigin, Business Communications Center and Dynamic Business Documents. To read more about that, click here. That being said, we’ve spent some time recently ...


4 things you need to know about Dynamic Business Documents

1. There are just 4 easy steps! Dynamic Business Documents allows you to design, personalize, preview and generate documents and forms with any ERP, CRM, EMR or other enterprise software in just 4 simple steps! 2. It’s not just for Customer Service! Sure, DBD ...


Is your business omni-channel ready?

What is omni-channel all about? Omni-channel or multi-channel presentation and/or delivery are the various ways you can get your forms, documents and customer communications to your customers, partners, employees, and vendors. Providing omni-channel delivery gives ...


GDPR – Global Data Protection Regulation

The goal of the GDPR is to provide greater privacy protection for EU citizens by updating existing EU data protection in light of today’s digital world. Guest Blog By Greg Garner U.S. companies that handle data belonging to customers living in the European Union may ...


Guest Blog: Know your “Document Constituency”

By Kevin Craine Question: What is the one single thing that can stop business cold, yet no one is in charge? Answer: Documents. Pick any key business activity in any organization, in any industry, and you can bet that documents are essential to getting the job done. ...


Standard Customer Communications are an Overlooked Advantage

For years, routine customer communications like invoices, statements and order confirmations have been regarded as a back office burden. Printing and mailing these documents, often by the tens of thousands, happens every day at the expense of hundreds of thousands of ...


Eclipse Supports ISM Technology for a Cause, Melwood

Eclipse Corporation will be attending the 50th Annual ISM Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, October 22 through 25. This is the largest Health and Human Services technology event dedicated to improving the delivery of Health and Human Services programs. The ...

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